All you need to know about deep tissue massage

All you need to know about deep tissue massage

deep tissue massage
about deep tissue massage

What is a deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that incorporates deep, slow strokes to apply sustained and varying amounts of pressure to target your musculoskeletal system.

Why have a deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massages are often advised for people who engage in high-intensity

 physical activities or if they have chronic pain from past injuries. 

How does deep tissue massage work

A registered massage therapist will first perform an assessment to determine the appropriate type of care. Treatment often begins gradually with a warm-up and then the pressure is gradually increased to tolerance. Patients often feel muscle ‘knots’ or adhesions which can be managed well with deep tissue massage. If left untreated, adhesions and knots can disrupt circulation, cause pain and inflammation, and limit mobility and strength. 

How long should a deep tissue massage be 

Massage duration can range from 30-90minutes depending on preference. 

How often should you take a deep tissue massage

The frequency of massage sessions will vary from person to person based on activities and preferences. However most patients find regular, perhaps monthly, massage sessions work best to help them manage symptoms and improve performance.

Photo Ale Romo and Katherine Hanlon by Unsplash