Where to get sports massage in Vancouver

Where to get sports massage in Vancouver

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If you’ve been having muscle aches lately, you should consider getting a sports massage. It may be an effective way to handle your pain. A lot of people don’t know what a sports massage is. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

sports massage msk clinics

What is sports massage

Sports massage is the manual treatment of the muscles geared specifically toward helping people who play sports, exercise vigorously, or have demanding jobs. This kind of massage considers the impact of certain sports or activities on specific muscles and soft tissues. 

Sports massage what to expect

An initial assessment forms part of the first visit to create a specially tailored treatment plan to meet each individual athlete’s specific needs. Treatment can involve various massage techniques and stretching as well as exercise recommendations. Our massage therapists are highly trained in providing assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions. 

The benefits of sports massage

Activities such as sports or intense exercise can be hard on the body. The purpose of general massage is to treat pain and ongoing tension. This might be beneficial in many cases, but sports massage therapy is specifically designed to support and enhance the performance and recovery of active people. Relaxation and enhanced circulation are important parts of recovery and will enable athletes to return to sport and exercise with a decreased risk of injury.

Why should you book a sports massage treatment

MSK Clinics offers registered massage therapy by our highly trained therapists. They treat a wide range of conditions and are well versed in sports injuries and sports massage techniques.

 Book your appointment today to find out if a sports massage can help you!

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