Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

winter activity

Are you ready to hit the slopes?  Exercises for skiing and snowboarding.

Winter is coming!  Remember that feeling of taking your first run of the season and being rudely reminded that your muscles haven’t been used like this for the last seven months.  Starting some dry-land training in anticipation of the ski season can help make your days count right from the start and reduce risk of injuries. 

Strength, agility and balance are all important to ski and snowboarding performance.  If you are serious about pre-season preparation, our MSK physiotherapists can set up a program customized to your specific needs.  Our sports chiropractors and massage therapists can also ensure you are aligned and mobile to prepare for the demands of the slopes.

We have selected three exercises which are a great start to help prepare you to hit the slopes!  Perform each one daily,  taking days off if your muscles are sore.  Contact our clinic if any abnormal discomfort should arise. 

1. Lateral lunges:

Lateral lunges

These are great exercise for skiers and snowboarders because it tests our balance and gets our legs and glutes burning- just like fresh tracks on Ruby bowl will!

Step to one side placing your foot forward at a 45 degree angle. Flex at the hips, knees and ankles until your front thigh is parallel to the ground.

Your back must remain straight and upright throughout the movement with the head up and your gaze forward. Keep your front knee inline with your toe and do not allow your heel to rise of the ground. Stand by pushing through your hip and thigh, returning to standing position.

Switch directions and repeat the movement.  Continue alternating until your thighs burn. If you can do 30 per side, you may want to hold a medicine ball or weights close to the body.

2.   Body Squat:

Body Squat

The squat is one of the best full body exercises you can do. This movement requires full body coordination and is very similar to the movements necessary for skiing and snowboarding.

Start position is standing straight with the arms out in front and bent at the elbows, the fists should be clenched and the palms facing inwards.

Move downwards into a squat position so that the heels are in contact with the floor. 

Don’t allow the low back to round. Keep the head and chest upright and the gaze horizontal. .  Return to the start position.  Repeat until your legs burn.

3. Planks:


Core, core and more core! A strong and functioning core helps back and abdominal strength, coordination of our extremities and maintaining a good position on the skis and boards. It is essential to strong, injury-free skiing and will contribute to the grin on your face at the end of a long powder day!


Hold these positions for as long as you can, preventing the hips from sagging.  Alternatively, do multiple repetitions, holding each one for 10 seconds with a 3 second pause between reps. 

All of these exercises can be modified and progressed to meet your individual needs. It is important to master the exercises and to do them properly to benefit from the exercises and help reduce injury. Don’t forget about incorporating your favourite cardiovascular exercises as well. 


Let it snow!

To get a personalized training program and more information book in with one of our practitioners at MSK Health!

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