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Video: Bike Fitting

 Bike Fit is all about matching the geometry of the bike to the mechanics of the rider. The purpose is to reduce the incidence of injury and to improve cycling performance. Research has found that a cyclist’s position influences comfort, pain, perception of fatigue and power output. MSK Clinics...

Video: Chiropractic Treatment

 Chiropractic is used to relieve various kinds of pain that may be present in muscles, joints, bones and connective tissues.

Video: Physiotherapy

 Physiotherapy helps individuals achieve the highest level of physical functioning at any stage of life. Physiotherapy aims to enhance or restore function of multiple body systems, which is done by developing a personalized treatment plan based on the client’s needs.

Video: Registered Massage Therapy

 Massage therapy encompasses many different techniques such as pressing, rubbing, and manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues of the body.

Video: Graston Technique – Patellar Tendinopathy

 Graston Technique - Patellar Tendinopathy from MSK Clinics on Vimeo. In this video we demonstrate a treatment in someone with patellar tendinopathy which means that there is irritation and damage to the tendon attaching the kneecap to the shin. People with this condition will commonly experience pain below their...


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