Tara Bowland

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage therapy became a fascination to me at an early age. I loved massaging my mother’s feet after her long day at work. This turned into a career in esthetics. Then, in 2000 I took a course from a Shiatsu master and became a Shiatsu Anma practitioner. Shiatsu Anma is almost identical to traditional Thai massage. Working as a bodyworker for a few years in Whistler I decided in 2007 to attain my RMT diploma and attended WCCMT in Vancouver for their 3 year program. I graduated in 2010 and practiced in Whistler for ten years. Although I no longer practice Shiatsu I still use the breathing technique to calm the nervous system and decrease sympathetic nervous system firing. My palpation skills are very finely tuned and my hands are strong. I am adept at locating issues in the body and facilitating healthy tissue and posture. Massage works and I am ecstatic to be in this profession helping people overcome injury and lead healthier lives.