What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Kinesiologists help prevent and manage musculoskeletal injuries as well as chronic health issues through exercise. They also work with clients to achieve performance and overall health-related goals. At MSK our Kinesiologists work closely with physiotherapists and chiropractors to co-manage health conditions in a team based environment.

*We are currently unable to direct bill extended health insurance for Kinesiology sessions.

What does a Kinesiology Appointment Look Like?

Kinesiology appointments generally begin with a warm-up, which can be cardio or mobility based. The bulk of the appointment consists of strength training and stretching catered to your current condition and desired outcomes. Appointments are generally one hour in length although 30 minute and 45 minute appointments are also available.

Who can Benefit from Seeing a Kinesiologist?

As long as you are cleared for physical activity by your physiotherapist, chiropractor or doctor you can likely benefit from seeing a Kinesiologist. Whether your goal is to increase strength after an injury, learn more about exercise, improve sport performance or recover from a motor vehicle accident, a Kinesiologist can help.

What is Active Rehabilitation?

Active Rehabilitation is a program through ICBC for individuals recovering from a motor vehicle accident. A doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor can refer clients for rehabilitation exercise to help with their recovery. This service is usually covered by ICBC.

How do I book a Kinesiology Appointment?

We now offer Kinesiology at all of our locations! You can contact our clinic in  Burnaby (Metrotown), Downtown Vancouver, or Kitsilano to book your Active Rehabilitation session at the clinic that is most convenient for you, or you can click below and book your appointment online!

*We are currently unable to direct bill extended health insurance for Kinesiology sessions.