What is Bike Fit?

Bike Fit is all about matching the geometry of the bike to the mechanics of the rider. The purpose is to reduce the incidence of injury and to improve cycling performance. Research has found that a cyclist’s position influences comfort, pain, perception of fatigue and power output.

MSK Clinics Bike Fit sessions are performed by our physiotherapist Travis Tomlin, a certified clinical bike fitter who also races for Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta.

Who needs a Bike Fit?

If you experience any saddle or hand numbness or discomfort while riding, a bike fit is vital to prevent further injury!

A bike fit is also beneficial for any cyclists (recreational or competitive) looking to prevent injuries and maximize performance.

What does a physiotherapy bike fitting include?

An MSK Bike Fit session takes two hours.

It begins with a detailed history, after which you will receive a 2-part physical assessment, both off and on the bike, including detailed measurements.  Based on these assessments, your bike will be adjusted to optimize efficiency and reduce mechanical stress.

Your physiotherapist will also identify biomechanical issues and injuries in your body and will provide a treatment plan customized to your individual needs.

If needed, bike components (stem, handlebars, saddle) may be recommended.  Exact details and specifications will be provided to assist in your shopping.

What do I need to bring to my Bike Fit session?

  • Bring your bike, water, and anything you typically wear when riding.  Avoid loose fitting clothes.
  • Your bike will be attached to a trainer.  If you prefer, you may bring a trainer tyre already mounted to your wheel, but it is not required.
  • Before your fit, please ensure your seat post it is not seized.

Follow-up Session

This should be done within 4 weeks of your initial Bike Fit and is included in the MSK Bike Fit fee.

This 45 minute follow-up session is sometimes required to further refine the fit of your bike. It is crucial that you have spent some time in the saddle to try your bike fit before coming in for fine-tuning.

How do I book a Bike Fit session?

You can either phone MSK Clinics or book online with our physiotherapist Travis Tomlin and select “Bike Fitting Initial Appointment” in the appointment options.