What is Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is based on achieving optimal individual health and wellness through dietary and lifestyle adjustments and accountability. The holistic perspective looks at the person as a whole and not just the current individual symptoms; you are looked at as an individual and a unique approach is taken with each and every client. Your current state is always an accumulation of causes; therefore, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist takes into account your complete health history, family health history, lifestyle habits, emotional state and diet. These factors can help determine the core of your main health concerns and shape the plan forward to achieving your wellness goals.

What does a Nutrition Consultation Look Like?

A Nutrition Consultation starts with the practitioner building a personal relationship with you – listening to you, to best determine what your personal goals and needs are within their scope. Through education and accountability, an RHN empowers you to make the dietary and lifestyle adjustments to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals.

What a Nutritionist isn't

A Holistic Nutritionist is not a Doctor, they will not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. They can help support your health along with your Naturopathic or Medical Doctor, but they will not treat or cure your illness.

Who can Benefit from Seeing a Nutritionist?

A nutrition consultation could benefit almost everyone. Most people get a lot out of the personal nutrition and lifestyle evaluation and a plan generated by a Holistic Nutritionist. Specifically, Holistic Nutritionists work well with preventative nutrition, helping resolve digestive issues, enhance energy and vitality, help resolve allergies and low immunity, support joint health, athletic goals, and pre and post-natal nutrition. A nutritionist can help get you on track and empower dietary and lifestyle adjustments for wellness benefits.

What do I need to do before my first Nutrition Consultation?

Before your first initial Nutrition Consultation, we will have you fill out a health history form, so you can be properly evaluated for a comprehensive and specific approach. The initial session is the longest (75 mins) as well will be reviewing your personal and family health histories, discussing your main health concerns and goals and formulating a customized plan for you.

Follow-Up Sessions

A follow-up session is generally 60 minutes, so we can review your progress, what’s working for you and what is not. At that point adjustments are made so we can keep you moving forward towards your goals and progress is tracked. Follow up sessions differ from person to person based on your needs, but each session is usually 2-6 weeks apart. 30 min. follow up session are available but are reserved for quick check ins and specific concerns.

How do I book a Nutrition Consultation?

The Registered Nutritionist for our MSK Health and Performance Clinics is located at our Downtown Vancouver location. You can phone the MSK Downtown Clinic or book in online with our in house Registered Nutritionist Stephanie Oswald by clicking the Book Now button above. For your first consultation select “Initial Visit” in the appointment options and the intake forms will be sent to you to fill out before your first visit.