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The team of registered massage therapists (RMT) in Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano, and Metrotown Burnaby are regulated healthcare professionals and registered members of the College of Massage Therapists of BC. 

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy encompasses many different techniques with the goal of improving soft tissue and joint health through manual manipulation of muscles and connective tissue.

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy

How will Registered Massage Therapy help you?

At MSK Clinics in Vancouver and Burnaby, therapeutic massage therapy is offered to:

  1. Reduce muscle pain and tension
  2. Improve muscle and fascial mobility
  3. Promote soft tissue healing
  4. Aid in relaxation
  5. Increase blood flow to muscles
  6. Injury prevention


MSK Clinics Kitsilano

MSK Clinics Kitsilano


MSK Clinics Downtown

MSK Clinics Downtown


MSK Clinics Burnaby

our burnaby physiotherapist help burnaby resident to improve their health


Our team of massage therapists

Registered Massage Therapy

Our Experts

Our team of experienced massage therapists treat athletes of all-levels, performing artists, ICBC injuries and everyday aches and pains including posture-related problems.  They have provided coverage for sports teams and at numerous sporting events within the Vancouver area.  Our massage therapists use a variety of hands-on techniques to customize a treatment plan that best suits their clients’ individual needs.


Our massage therapists offer the following techniques:


What does RMT stand for?

Registered Massage Therapist

The College of Massage Therapists of BC is the only regulated college for massage therapists in BC. Members of the CMTBC are referred to as registered massage therapists. Any other terminology used by bodyworkers likely indicates that they do not meet the professional standard and are not part of the regulated professional body in British Columbia.

Insurance companies will only pay for treatment provided by a registered massage therapist.

How long will my first appointment take?

Massage therapy appointments can be booked in slots of 30, 45, 60, or 90-minute visits. It is important to arrive 10 minutes before your initial appointment time to fill out a health history form. The initial visit will include a 10-15 minute assessment that may include an interview process and hands-on testing to determine the necessary course of treatment. For this reason, we recommend booking at least 45 minutes for your first visit.  The last 5 minutes of the treatment may include a demonstration of self-care or remedial exercises.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Massage therapy treatments are best performed through the skin on skin contact. Your therapist can modify the treatment to work directly over clothing or over sheets if desired. It is up to you on which articles of clothing to remove as you will be instructed to undress to your comfort level, however, most patients chose to fully disrobe. Sheets are provided so you can cover yourself prior to the massage therapist entering the room. During treatment, only the areas being worked on will be uncover, all other areas will be covered by sheets and blankets.

Do you offer deep tissue massage?

If needed and with your consent, yes.

At the start of the treatment, the massage therapist will set up a pain scale with you to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment. The therapist will check in during the treatment to see if they are using enough pressure or if you desire more.

Do you use any hot or cold applications?

We provide access to both hot and cold applications. Depending on the condition, the massage therapist will decide the appropriate treatment and can recommend appropriate options for home use of hot or cold therapies. It is important to understand the length and temperatures of the applications in order for them to have their desired outcome. The therapist might perform a small test patch at the beginning to make sure there will be no adverse reaction to hot or cold therapy in the treatment.

My children are covered by benefits, is there a certain age you must be for massage?

There is no age requirement for someone to receive a massage. We are trained in infant massage and pediatric massage as well as informational sessions for parents. Children can benefit from massage to manage growing pains, anxiety, to help with autism and cerebral palsy symptoms, and to help promote the healing of injuries. Infants can benefit from massage to help with digestive issues and to increase bonding between parents and child. The guardian must be present to give consent for massage prior to their first session. Parents are welcome and encouraged to be present with their children during massage treatment sessions.

I have TMJ disorder, do your massage therapists treat this?

Our massage therapists are trained in massage for TMJ disorders. This treatment may be performed both outside and, using gloves, inside the mouth (intraoral). Before the treatment, an assessment is performed to see if intraoral massage is indicated for that day. The massage therapist will set up a hand signal with you before so you can communicate with them during the treatment. All our therapists take precautions for your health and safety as treatments are performed with non-latex gloves.

I am on certain medications, can I still get a massage?

Make sure you inform the massage therapist of any medications you are on. The therapist will decide whether a massage is indicated or not. Registered massage therapists can modify the treatment based on the medications you are on by varying techniques. It is important at the beginning of each treatment to tell your massage therapist if there are any changes to your medications or if you are currently taking any over-the-counter medications or vitamins. In addition, if you are planning on seeing your massage therapist you may want to refrain from taking any pain medications before the treatment as it can affect your tolerance to depth and pressure for some techniques.

How often should I get a massage?

At the initial treatment, the massage therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you. This includes how often you should return to see us and when we will assess your progress. Duration and frequency are based on the condition, age, nutrition, activity level, and optimal recovery times. It is also affected by how well you perform the home care exercises prescribed to you. If you are seeing us for wellness massage or maintenance treatment we generally recommend monthly sessions.

Is Registered Massage covered by extended health insurance?

Our massage services in Burnaby and Vancouver are covered by most private insurance companies. We offer direct billing to most third-party insurance companies. We also accept MSP and ICBC.

Click here for a list of insurance providers we can bill directly


Treatment Locations


2880 West 4th ave. #101
Vancouver, BC  V6K 1R2

P: 604–224–7325


1033 Davie Street, Suite 410
Vancouver, BC  V6E 1M7

P: 604-689-9308


305-4603 Kingsway
Metrotown Burnaby, BC V5H 4M4

P: 604–438–6106

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