Where to get physiotherapy nearby Burnaby in Vancouver

Where to get physiotherapy nearby Burnaby in Vancouver

Where to get physiotherapy nearby Burnaby in Vancouver

Have you ever woken up in pain after a nap? Or stood up too quickly and heard a pop or crick? Maybe you recently injured your knee playing sports or doing the heavy lifting at work? 

Everyday things may happen that put a strain on our bodies, but how many of us pay attention to it before it begins to hamper movement and function? Physiotherapy was created to do just that! 

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (also known as physical therapy) is a non-invasive form of treatment to restore or maintain function and mobility to a patient’s body. Physiotherapy is used to assist with the rehabilitation of persons affected by injury, illness, or disability. 

This treatment can be used on persons of all ages and can help to prevent and manage pain.

How does physiotherapy work?

Physiotherapy focuses on the structures and movement of the body. A physiotherapist will examine you thoroughly in order to diagnose your condition, and create a program to relieve and address any underlying issues that may have contributed to your condition. 

What does a physiotherapist do?

Physiotherapists use nonsurgical techniques such as massages, muscle strengthening, and exercise. Using their hands, they can manipulate the body tissue to relieve pain, reduce tension and improve circulation. 

Why physiotherapy is important?

We use our bodies daily, and though we may not always feel it immediately, wear and tear will happen. Physiotherapy can benefit anyone, from persons who work in strenuous positions, to those who simply need more strength, flexibility and mobility. 

Some categories of persons who can benefit from physiotherapy are: 

  1. Athletes who may want to prevent injury as well as recover much more quickly from injury
  2. Persons seeking to recover from injury cause accidents or incidents
  3. Older persons who may need to improve their mobility and flexibility, and to prevent further wear and tear
  4. Postpartum mothers seeking to recover and repair their core after pregnancy

When do you need a physiotherapist?

Unfortunately, most persons only consider physiotherapy when pain or an injury gets to an advanced stage. Regular physiotherapy can help to prevent injury and prevent the worsening of an existing problem. 

If you are experiencing: 

  • Mobility issues that hinder your ability to perform day to day activities
  • Suffering from pain or injuries caused by sports or strenuous activities
  • Recovering from surgery, extended bed rest or hospital care
  • Having been diagnosed with chronic or acute arthritis or any other musculoskeletal conditions, you should consider seeing a physical therapist. 

Find a top-rated physiotherapy clinic in Burnaby

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