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MSK Health and Performance Clinics have a team of experienced physiotherapists and healthcare professionals that can create a customized, personalized treatment plan for each client’s needs. MSK Physiotherapists will help you achieve the highest level of physical functioning at any stage of life or stage of athletic development.

What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists complete a Masters-level education at universities. They specialize in treatment and physical rehabilitation for many injuries and promote health and fitness, increased athletic performance and injury prevention.  Physiotherapy is also used to assist in preparation for and recovery from surgery. 

How will Physiotherapy help you?

In addition to athletic performance and injury prevention, there are many reasons a client may need physiotherapy; here is a list of a few of the more common reasons:

Injuries including:

  1. Joint sprains (eg. ankle)
  2. Whiplash
  3. Ligamentous sprains
  4.  Muscle strains
  5. Back and neck pain

Rehabilitation including:

  1. Pre-surgical prehabilitation
  2. Post-surgical rehabilitation
  3. Muscle weakness rehabilitation
  4. Compensatory motor control or muscular coordination problem
  5. Athletic injury rehabilitation

Other conditions including:

  1. Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
  2. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  3. Rotator cuff tendonitis
  4. DeQuervian’s Tenosynovitis
  5. Patella tendonitis
  6. Achilles tendonitis


MSK Clinics Kitsilano

MSK Clinics Kitsilano


MSK Clinics Downtown

MSK Clinics Downtown


MSK Clinics Burnaby

our burnaby physiotherapist help burnaby resident to improve their health




Our Experts

All of our physiotherapists (PT) have graduated with a Master’s degree from a physiotherapy education program from an accredited university and are registered with a regulatory board or college of physiotherapy. They also continue to further enhance their education by participating regularly in post-graduate courses and seminars.


What is physiotherapy?

Not familiar with physiotherapy?   Check out our service page under physiotherapy.

Check out this video to learn more:

Do you do active rehab?

Yes. Our physiotherapists are trained and equipped to provide physical strengthening and functional rehabilitation exercises to help you return to life, work and sport.  You won’t simply be hooked up to a machine and left alone. Active rehab for ICBC cases is often performed by kinesiologists, if you go to our services page, and click Kinesiology, you can book in with a kinesiologist at any of our three locations!

Do you provide sports rehabilitation?

Yes.  Our physiotherapists have sports backgrounds and are well equipped to assess sports injuries and help you return to sport, reduce injury risk and improve your performance.

How long will my first appointment take?

Initial physiotherapy appointments are between 30-45 minutes in duration.  Subsequent appointments are typically 30 minutes.

I am scheduled for surgery, can you help me?

Yes. The waits for surgery can be frustrating and the downtime resulting from injury can result in loss of strength, flexibility, and conditioning.  This makes recovery after surgery more difficult and prolongs your return to normal life.

Our physiotherapists will guide you in maintaining strength, range of motion, and quality of life and priming you for your recovery after surgery.

I have had orthopedic surgery, can you help me?

Yes. Safe and timely return of range of motion, strength, and functional movement is critical to maximizing your recovery after surgery.  Our physiotherapists will perform an assessment, set realistic goals, and guide you through the process to get you back to life, work, or sport.

Is physiotherapy covered by extended health insurance?

Yes. Our physiotherapy services are covered by most private insurance companies as well as MSP and ICBC.

Click here for a list of insurance providers we can bill directly


Treatment Locations


2880 West 4th ave. #101
Vancouver, BC  V6K 1R2

P: 604–224–7325


1033 Davie Street, Suite 410
Vancouver, BC  V6E 1M7

P: 604-689-9308


305-4603 Kingsway
Metrotown Burnaby, BC V5H 4M4

P: 604–438–6106

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