Active Release Technique

Have you been dealing with persistent back or neck pain? Do you notice your muscles feel tight all the time? Do you feel that your back or neck pain comes from restrictions in your muscles? At MSK Health and Performance, our chiropractors are skilled at identifying all the possible factors contributing to your pain and, more importantly, the most effective ways to resolve them!

Back and neck pain are two of the most common problems we all face. Research shows that over 80% of all people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and up to 70% will experience neck pain. Unfortunately, these conditions often come with multiple different factors occurring at the same time.

The most common cause of pain is related to the joints in the spine, and often the misalignment of a specific joint leads to dysfunctional movement and eventually pain. When the joints are not functioning correctly, the muscles in our body will often tense up. In some cases, due to the repetitive movements and/or positions, adhesions form and limit mobility and function even more.

The key to relief is identifying the source or sources of the pain by weeding through the symptoms. This is where MSK Health and Performance chiropractors come in; we will use manual techniques, including Active Release Technique® (ART®). We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the likely culprits of your pain and use the tools most effective at resolving them.

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What is Active Release Technique®?


Active Release Technique® is a type of soft tissue work that relieves the tension in muscles and other soft tissue by freeing adhesions that develop due to repetitive use.ART® was created by Michael Leahy, a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine. Dr. Leahy first noticed how pain seemed to be related to changes in the soft tissues, specifically restrictions/adhesions.

Dr. Leahy developed ART® around the patient’s symptoms related to these adhesions. Often these restrictions are an attempt by the body to protect the area that has microtraumas due to the repetitive strains.

As the body tries to recover from these minor injuries, another round of microtraumas occurs, and the tissue forms adhesions that are palpable to a skilled practitioner. Eventually, these restrictions can lead to symptoms like aching, tingling, and burning sensations and may even lead to muscular weakness and limitation in the joint’s range of motion.

ART® is both a diagnostic and a treatment technique. The goal of identifying adhesions is to determine if/how they affect your mobility and pain. Once these restrictions have been located, the treatment approach consists of the clinician applying compressive, tensile, and shear forces to restore normal mobility and function.

Our chiropractors will also apply deep tension at the area of tenderness while you actively move from a shortened to a lengthened position. The basic concept is that placing direct pressure near the adhesion while moving produces a sliding motion of soft tissue and frees the restriction.

Common Conditions Active Release Technique® Can Treat

The Active Release Technique® enables clinicians to detect and treat adhesions causing pain, restrictions in mobility, and limiting everyday function. This method has been shown to help treat common musculoskeletal injuries such as

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Tendonopathy (i.e., Tennis elbow, hamstring strain)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

ART® helps mobilize the adhesions in your soft tissue that has been affected by injury and helps improve range of motion and reduce pain. Your MSK Health and Performance chiropractor will be able to properly assess your condition and create a comprehensive treatment plan for your recovery so you can get back to doing what you love without limitations!

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