Francois has been a registered massage therapist in private practice for 28 years. Graduating from the West Coast College of massage Therapy in 1994, he has been focusing his practice on therapeutic massages and rehabilitation massages for chronic pain and sport injuries. Francois has had the opportunity to work and acquire skills to provide treatments to a wide range of conditions such as whiplash, headaches, lower back injuries, hip replacement surgery and failed back surgery to name a few. Francois is using techniques such as myofascial release, deep tissues massage, stretching and strengthening exercises to help his clients toward an optimal mobility and healing.

Francois’ enthusiasm for working with athletes comes from his own passion as a competitive tennis player. He has been training for many years and continues to compete in regular tournaments. This experience has given him a great understanding of sports injuries. To round out his training, Francois enjoys Pilates and yoga classes for conditioning purposes. In his time away from massage and tennis, Francois enjoys cooking and various outdoor activities.