Brendan has a deep-rooted passion for sports and athletics. He played college football and premiere level baseball as well as playing soccer, basketball, and track and field. He recently graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. He is also a recently certified personal trainer and has coached both football and baseball.

A treatment with Brendan can be quite diverse. He prides himself on having very strong hands and is most comfortable working with deep, precise pressure. Throughout his time at VCMT he developed an appreciation for relaxation treatments as well. Understanding that helping a person let go of their stress can be invaluable.

In his spare time, Brendan loves to travel. He spent over three years traveling before starting RMT school. He still loves to play, enjoying a variety of recreational and adrenaline sports. Since graduating from school he’s been reminded of how much he enjoys reading novels in comparison to textbooks.

We are currently unable to direct-bill Equitable Life and NexGen Rx for appointments booked with Brendan.