Video: Anterior Hip Impingement

In this video, Dr. Glenn Cashman at MSK clinics discusses the nature and causes of Anterior Hip Impingement.

Video: Low Back Pain

Low back pain can happen for many different reasons. Watch this video with Dr. Glenn Cashman to learn more about this common condition.

Video: Non Traumatic Neck Pain

 In this video, Dr. Glenn Cashman reviews the most likely cause of severe, sudden onset neck pain. This type of pain often starts while engaging in a normal activity such as shoulder checking or towelling hair.

Video: What is Sciatica?

 What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a widely and often misused term to describe hip or leg pain. To learn more about what sciatica is and what it isn't, watch this video.

Video: Myofascial Hip Pain

 If you're experiencing pain in your hip, it might be coming from the muscles or other soft tissue. This is called myofascial pain. Watch this video to learn more.

Video: Understanding Hip Pain

 Dr. Glenn Cashman helps us to understand the different types of hip pain. Click the video above to learn more!

New Downtown Location

We are proud to introduce our new DOWNTOWN LOCATION! In our recent poll we asked you how we're doing and what we can do better and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive - thank you! Many of you indicated that improved access and the addition of fitness related services would be useful in helping...