Is Back Pain Getting in the Way of Your Runs? Contact Us Today!

Is Back Pain Getting in the Way of Your Runs? Contact Us Today!

Is Back Pain Getting in the Way of Your Runs? Contact Us Today!

Do your long runs cause you more back pain? Are you frustrated by back pain that prevents you from running? We can assist you in determining the source of your pain and getting you back up and running pain-free! Our physiotherapists are experts in treating lower back pain.

Almost everyone experiences low back pain at some point in their lives. For those who are fortunate, the pain lasts only a few days. Others experience low back pain for years and never completely recover. It is estimated that up to 80% of all adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

Surprisingly, studies have shown that running may help people avoid back pain. Furthermore, the most common causes of lower back pain in runners are often training errors that are simple to identify.

We are experts at treating lower back ache and have solutions that will work for you. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained therapists and let us help you run pain-free again!

What causes back pain in runners?

One of the most difficult aspects of treating back aches is the lack of consistent risk factors, particularly for first-time episodes of low back aches. It is frequently concluded that the primary cause of back aches is unknown. A previous episode is the most reliable predictor of future lower back ache. When someone has back aches, they are more likely to have another episode.

Running is one of the most popular physical and mental well-being activities. Running has numerous advantages; however, it is also prone to injuries, including back pain while running and afterward.

Running back pain appears to be related to gait issues or muscle fatigue/activation issues. The following are the most common risk factors associated with running:

  • History of running for more than six years
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) > 24 (i.e., overweight)
  • Deconditioned or adding mileage too far too fast
  • Restricted hip flexion range of motion
  • Restrictions in spine mobility

Other problems may indirectly affect the lower back, including injuries to the lower extremities that lead to compensatory patterns or changes to someone’s gait. Some feel the shoe style, use of insert (orthotic), or lack of stretching leads to back aches, but no research-backed evidence backs up these claims.

Fortunately, our physiotherapists specialize in treating back aches and runner-related injuries. We can identify the source of your problem and provide you with the guidance you need to resolve your issues once and for all!

What to expect from physiotherapy appointments

Physiotherapy is an excellent resource for runners who are experiencing lower back aches. Rather than simply masking the symptoms, our team will focus on addressing the source of the aches.

Through targeted manual therapies, our highly trained physiotherapists will help you improve your range of motion, restore strength to muscles in your lower back, and reduce muscle tension.

Your physiotherapist will take a thorough history and perform a physical exam during your initial assessment. This includes a range of motion and strength screening, as well as a battery of tests, including a gait assessment and functional movements, to help us classify your condition and determine the most effective treatment options to get you running pain-free.

Physiotherapy treatments for lower back aches that are most effective include:

  • Manual therapy, including soft tissue work and joint mobilization/manipulations
  • Exercise instruction (i.e., targeted stretches, strengthening, and mobility work)
  • Addressing the fear some may experience related to back aches
  • Return-to-running program

Reach out to one of our physiotherapists for information and support overcoming lower back pain, and finally, find long-term relief.

Request an appointment today!

Our physiotherapists have experience working with runners dealing with lower back ache. Our goal is to get you running pain-free again!

Call our clinic today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists!


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