How to find the best chiropractors near me

How to find the best chiropractors near me

How to find the best chiropractors near me

Why chiropractors are important

Chiropractors are experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating bones, muscles, and joints.  As experts, they are equipped to treat back and neck pain but are also highly trained in treating other sections of the body such as shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.  They are known for their expertise in manual therapy and manipulation of the bones and tissues of the body but often use other techniques such as exercise, training, and posture advice or technologies such as laser, shockwave, or muscle stimulation.

Chiropractors can help you recover from acute pain and injury in your back or neck and to rehabilitate from injuries like sprains and strains by providing the right body alignment and movement and the right progression of activity to optimize healing.  They can also help you maintain good health and keep the pain away by addressing and treating at-risk postures or mechanical problems to reduce the chance of future problems.

Movement and alignment are central to sports performance and chiropractic care is standard in most elite team settings to assist athletes in both injury management and sports performance.

Why chiropractors are important

How to find great chiropractors near me.

Type MSK Health and Performance into your internet browser to find us. We have three locations serving the lower mainland in Burnaby at Metrotown, Kitsilano of Vancouver, and the Downtown West End of Vancouver. Select the location most convenient for you and book an appointment with one of our great Chiropractors.

How do I know if I need a chiropractor?

If you’re not sure who to see then you may not even know what your problem is.  You may need a proper diagnosis.  The best way to know if a chiropractor can help you is to book an appointment.  Our highly trained chiropractors at MSK Clinics will perform a thorough history and physical exam to help determine the cause of your problem. They may suggest further tests such as blood work, X Rays or MRI to more fully understand your problem. Once they know your problem, they can form a detailed plan on how best to treat it.

If chiropractic care is appropriate then you can get started. It may be that other types of clinicians such as physiotherapy, massage or kinesiologists would be complementary or more appropriate for you.   The chiropractor will be sure to make the appropriate referrals to ensure you are getting the services that are best for your condition.

MSK Clinics provide all of these services under one roof allowing everyone to work as a coordinated team just for you.  If the chiropractor finds something that requires medical attention they will be sure to communicate with your medical doctor to facilitate proper care.

Why MSK Clinics is the best option for you

MSK Clinics offers a multi-disciplinary team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, and kinesiologists all under one roof and working as a coordinated team for you.  Our sports chiropractors provide care for the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Giants, and local baseball and rugby teams.  From diagnosis to rehabilitation to preventative care we have the team and facilities to help you maintain your optimum health and performance in youth and to help you age actively.

MSK Clinics offer direct billing to all the major insurance companies including ICBC.  Online booking allows you to make an appointment at any time of day while our friendly staff is readily available during business hours to assist you with your questions.  Our clean, up-to-date locations are conveniently located in downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano, and Burnaby Metrotown.