Sports Chiropractor: The best-kept secret for sport performance

Sports Chiropractor: The best-kept secret for sport performance

Sports Chiropractors

What’s the difference between a sports chiropractor and a traditional chiropractor?


The traditional chiropractor is a healthcare professional who focuses on diagnosing and treating neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders. The traditional chiropractor’s overall goal is to reduce pain and restore function by manually adjusting or manipulating the spine.

Though this form of chiropractic work offers numerous health benefits to patients, it is often not quite enough for those who participate in sports and exercise. A sports chiropractor specializes in treating injured athletes and those who want to improve performance. An appointment to address sports-related injuries or to improve athletic performance may involve several types of therapies including, myofascial release, athletic taping, and stretching along with adjustments. These types of appointments may require more time than traditional visits to the chiropractor.

What is a sports chiropractor?

Improve Performance of runners

Sports Chiropractic

Many athletes seek out chiropractic care for management of sports injuries and to improve performance.  But did you know that some chiropractors have done several more years of advanced training in sports sciences?  The Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (RCCSS) is Canada’s only recognized and regulated sports specialist designation.  As with most medical specialties, membership is referred to as fellowship and the doctors are referred to as Fellows of the Royal College. There are currently approximately 100 chiropractic sports fellows across Canada and they are denoted by the letters FRCCSS.  Not every “sports chiropractor” is a Sports Chiropractic Fellow.

Sports chiropractic fellows have undertaken an additional several years of specialized study in sports injury diagnosis and management of the entire body, not just the spine. Furthermore, they conduct several research projects and complete over 1000 hours of direct field work with athletes and teams outside of the office.  Finally, fellowship is granted only after passing a rigorous 2-day examination process. When you see a sports chiropractic fellow you can expect a high-level assessment and diagnosis regarding the nature and cause of your injury and a deeper understanding of how to prevent it.

MSK Clinics is proud to have Dr. Cashman as a Sports Fellow as well as two of our team members Dr. Ali Walizada and Dr. Chris White in the process of completing their sports fellowship. 

Sports chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating sports/athletic performance-related injuries. They are experts in injury prevention and rehabilitation and are experienced in creating treatment plans that allow athletes to return to their sport faster.

These chiropractic professionals work with individuals who participate in a variety of sports and physical activities, including:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Track and field
  • Yoga
  • Rock climbing

Sports chiropractic is not just for those who are injured. This type of therapy can also benefit athletes who want to prevent injuries and improve function and mobility. By focusing on posture and muscle imbalances as well as treating areas that are overused, a sports chiropractor can help athletes optimize and enhance their performance.

Chiropractic benefits for runners 

Chiropractic benefits for runners 

Athletic training can take a real toll on the body. This is especially true for long-distance runners. Running puts a tremendous amount of strain on the musculoskeletal system.

Whenever the foot of a runner strikes the ground, the resulting force jars nearly every part of the body. When running over long distances, this process repeats thousands of times. Eventually, all of the extra strain on the body can lead to excess wear and tear on extremities or spine.

As a long-distance runner, it is beneficial for you to see a sports chiropractor regularly to maintain mobility and treat the aches and pains so that you can maintain your running routine. Visits like these are not only important from a health standpoint but also in terms of performance. A healthy body performs better than one that is damaged or misaligned.

Sport Chiropractors help long-distance runners in a couple of different ways. They start by checking to ensure that the extremities and spine have proper range of motion. More than that, they also check the runner’s gait and evaluate their posture to ensure proper biomechanical motion while running. Poor posture or incorrect running technique can increase strain on the whole body. Over time, this can lead to greater pain and a higher risk of injuries. It can also impede a runner’s performance, keeping them from competing as effectively as they should. Long-distance runners may find it beneficial to think of their bodies as high-performance race cars. Like these cars, their bodies need to be properly maintained to perform at their peak level.

If you are looking for a Sports chiropractor in Vancouver, look no further than MSK Clinic. Our team is experienced at providing specialized therapies that help improve athletic performance for those who participate in tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, track, running, or any type of physical sport. As sports chiropractors, we work with athletes to heal faster and improve stability, coordination, and range of motion.

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